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Transformer Painting, Substation Painting, Flowcoating
Transformer & Substation Coating

USM is the industry standard for Corrosion Control through Protecive Coatings.  USM Flow Coating uses a highly specialized technique that ensures 100% coverage of Transformer Radiator Tubes.  


Transmission Tower Resurfacing

USM - Plant Services has been extending the life expectancy of transmission towers for over 70 years.  Utilities are finding themselves in the position of weighing replacement costs vs. maintenance of these critical assets.  Life cycle extension through the application of protective resurfacing materials rejuvenates the anodic protection in the original design of the towers. Couple that with the implementation of a systematic maintenance schedule, your customers will have peace of mind that their energy needs will be met in the most cost effective manner.

Tower Inspection Services

USM - Plant Services has the capabilities and training to ensure corrosion is one less thing you have to worry about.  Industrial environments pose particular challenges in the battle to keep your assets running smoothly.  And subsequently keeping your customers satisfied.  Incorporating corrosion control measures through USM Protective Coatings is a critical and fiscally responsible method to consider.

Drone Services

USM Plant Services’ FAA Part 107 drone inspection teams are here to help with your T&D inspection needs. Whether it be qualifying towers for recoating, routine tower component inspections, or emergency related inspections, USM Plant Services can tailor our drone services to your specific needs.

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